Local Race Results


Singlets Running


Bolt for Bolts 3.4 – 4/15/2017
Storm the Castle 5k – 4/1/2017
Storm the Castle- 4/1/2017
Bulldog Dash 5k – 3/25/17
Celtic Canter 5k – 3/11/2017
Winfield Mile – 1/1/2017


Camel Canter – 12/3/2016
Jingle Bell Run – 11/26/2016

Island Green 5k – 11/12/2016

Spooky Sprint Mile – 10/22/2016
Banana Split 5k – 10/16/2016
Frosty Pumpkin 6.2 miles
– 10/9/16 (Marathon Series)
Purple Stride 5k – 10/8/16
Bachman Valley Half Marathon -9/25/2016

Chase the Light 5k – 9/23/2016
Fall Fest Mile – 9/22/2016
Green Terror – 9/17/2016
– (Men 3k, Men 5k, Women 3k, Women 5k)
Twilight Standings – Summer 2016
Women’s Running Festival – 7/10/16
FSK 6k – 7/7/2016
Freedom 5k – 6/25/2016
Run with the Knights 5k – 6/23/2016
Running for Recovery 5 Miler – 6/11/2016
Boston Street Running Memorial Day Navy SEAL 5k
Owl Two Mile Track Run – 5/26/2016
Tractor Trot 5k – 5/22/2016
The Great 5k Race – 5/15/2016
Flower and Jazz 5k 5/7/2016
FPK 5k – 5/1/2017
FSK Class of 2017 Glow Run – 4/30/2016
Mighty Eagle 5k and Color Run 4/23/2016
Autism in Motion 5k
Bolt for Bolts 5k Overall Results
Bolt for Bolts Age Group Winners
McDaniel Pi Track 1 Mile / 5k Track Run 2016
Roberts Mill10k, 2016
Dorchester YMCA Half Marathon
Dorchester YMCA 5k
SweetPea 5k 3/12/2016
Celtic Canter 5k Overall 2016
Celtic Canter Division Results
Bear Run 4 Miler
Mighty Medford Freeway 5K
Winfield Mile

Marathon Series Overall
What the Hill 8 Mile
Mayberry 7 Miler
Terry Burk and Sam Case 5k
Frizzellburg XC 2015
Frosty Pumpkin 10K
David Herlocker Bachman Valley Half Marathon
Downtown Dash 5k
Tahoma Roller Coaster 5 Miler
Race Around Mall Ring Road
Camel Canter 5k
Jingle Bell Mile
D&J’s Dynamite Dance Sugar Shock 5k
Spooky Sprint Mile
Bacon 5k
Frosty Pumpkin 10k
Bachman Valley Half Marathon
Downtown Dash 5k
Fall Fest Mile
Tahoma Roller Coaster 5 Mile
Mall Ring Road
River Valley Ranch Results (5K, 10K, 15K)
Rockville Twilight 8k
Twilight Series 4: Pleasant Valley 4 Mile
Twilight Series 3: Hashawa 3-Mile Trail Run
Twilight Series 2: Run with the Knights 5K
Devin Spence Memorial 5K
Twilight Series 1: Owls 2 mile Track run
Mission Possible 5K
Sarah Redmer Rupp 5K
C2 Celtic Canter 5K 
FSK 5k/Fun Run
Sandymount 4 Miler
Autism in Motion 5k

Main Street Mile
Bolt for Bolts 5k
Robert Mills 10K
McDaniel Pi Mile/5K Track Run
Sykesville Shiver Shuffle 5K
Bear Run 4 Miler
Mighty Medford 5K
Winfield Mile


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